My son, Chuck, created this recipe from

what was availsble one night for dinner.

I think you will like it.


1  #  ground beef
1 onion, chopped

1  can ( 14.5 oz)  Italian-style stewed tomatoes

1  can ( 10 oz)  Ro-Tel brand diced tomatoes and green chiles (in the
Southwest, they're usually in the tomato section, but you might
look in the Mexican or International sections of your grocery store,
in other parts of the country).
Dried Basil

Worcestershire sauce

1  #  Rotelle pasta  (tri-color is best)

Saute onions, then add ground beef and brown it, adding black pepper
and a little
dried basil.  Add Worcestershire sauce to taste ( about 6-8
"globs) and cook a little longer.  Add Italian tomatoes and
Ro-Tel tomatoes.
Let this simmer while you cook the pasta according
to the package directions.
Drain the pasta, pour the sauce over it and
serve immediately.  Makes a nicelyspicy dish, but not one that
blow the top off your head--it sneaks up onyou a little.