Allasso Consulting, LLC July 2002 - Present

Sole member of LLC - Teaching AIX and HACMP classes, teaching HACMP for Sales Representatives, and offering Consulting services for guided installation of HACMP.

M/UX May 2000 - July 2002

Certified Instructor, teaching IBM AIX, Korn shell and HACMP classes.

Dean Tech
Dec. 1999 - May 2000

Technical Consultant, providing contract assistance to clients on RS/6000 SP/2 and HACMP installations and system administration projects.

Mainline Information Systems May 1998 - Dec. 1999

Mid Range Systems Group, Clustered Systems Consultant. Develop system configurations for RS/6000 SP and HACMP Clusters. Perform technical support activities for clustered RS/6000 and AIX systems. Perform on site installation activities.

Avnet Computer Marketing Group December, 1996 -May 1998

Systems Support Engineer providing pre-sales support for IBM RS/6000 systems. I assisted Avnet and Industry Re-marketer sales personnel with marketing strategy, system design, configuration validation, and technical questions and problems.

Allasso July, 1992 - December, 1996

I left IBM and formed Allasso, a company for sales and information technology consulting. We have conducted projects for The Robinson Group, CCA, IBM, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and USC.

IBM June, 1963 - July, 1992

I held positions in IBM's Field Engineering (service) and Data Processing (sales) Divisions. Those best suited to my skills and most enjoyable to me included: executive sales, teaching, and sales consulting. Each of these benefited from my ability to understand the applicability of a technology to identified requirements and communicate it to a wide variety of individuals, and from my ability to develop a team founded on the diverse talents and skills of a group of individuals.

I was in quota sales positions a total of 15 years and exceeded assigned quotas 13 of those years. For three of those years I was a Telecommunications Sales Specialist.

Academic Consultant Jan, 1991 - July, 1992
Developed, along with a small team of individuals, a position paper on the possible roles of mainframe computers in higher education. The purpose of the paper was to establish a framework for developing marketing strategies in client server based higher education information processing environments. The potential economic impact of the paper was estimated to be $20 million in the first year.

Sales Manager Jan, 1989 - Jan, 1991
Led a group of sales people with customers in local government and higher education. We resolved a major conflict with the County Recorder's office regarding the development of software to track voter registration and construct ballots, resulting in the completion of a $2.5 million project that had been stalled for the prior 18 months. In the same period we increased the online storage at ASU by 200%, producing $1.5 million, and sold a new mainframe at NAU for $900,000. We also installed networks of Personal Computers at Maricopa Community Colleges worth $1 million.

Higher Education Industry Consultant Jan, 1983 - Dec., 1988
Trained sales teams in higher education application areas, including super computing, graphics applications and networking, as well as management issues. Assisted in sales efforts for colleges and universities throughout the southwestern United States. Influenced decisions resulting in over $20 million throughout the five year period, including mainframes, personal computers and networks.

Worked with university researchers to define their computing needs, consulted at three of the five NSF super computer sites. Developed a plan for scientific visualization enablement projects with Woods Hole Oceanographic, ASU, and IBM's Scientific Centers. Participated in a National Institute for Standards in Technology, Conference on Computer Integration.

Salesman, Sales Team Leader Jan, 1978 - Dec., 1982
Worked in a variety of sales positions, including communications products specialist, central site salesman for a large local government account, sales team leader for the cities of Los Angeles and Long Beach, sales team leader for the County of Los Angeles and sales team leader for UCLA. Exceeded quota by more than 20% in each of the five years with sales volumes in excess of $2 million cacti year.

The last of these assignments was at UCLA where there were three mainframes installed, of which two were competitive systems and one was a five year old IBM system with three years left on the payment schedule. In a two year period all three systems were replaced and over 1500 personal computers were added to the campus network. Revenue for the two years exceeded $10 million.

Field Manager Jan, 1975 - Dec., 1977
Manager of a group of Customer Engineers providing hardware maintenance for a group of aerospace customer including Hughes Aircraft, Rand Corporation, System Development Corporation and UCLA. I was asked to take this position to correct customer and employee satisfaction problems. Within six months both indexes had improved from approximately 65% satisfaction to approximately 85%.

Technical Support Group Manager Jan, 1972 - Dec., 1974
Manager of SW Regional Technical Support Group. Maintained the lowest level of engineering support requests of all 12 regions in the US. Provided coordinated service for all sites throughout the US, for a large corporate customer. Resolved major conflicts regarding service response time and billing issues.

Software Services Manager Jan, 1970 - July, 1971
Developed working procedures for a software services group and negotiated service practice implementation with major customers.

Field Engineering Instructor Jan, 1967 - Dec., 1969
Taught Field Engineers to install trouble shoot, and service IBM System 360 computers and 110 equipment.1

Customer Engineer June, 1963 - Jan, 1967
Installed and serviced electro-mechanical data processing equipment and electronic computers.


Arizona State University
Electrical Engineering Major 1962 - 1963

IBM Professional Education
First Line Management
Team Building
Quality Management

Selling Fundamentals
Selling to Executives

Selling in a Changing Environment

Technical Courses:
AIX - Fundamentals
AIX - System Administration
AIX - Advanced System Administration
Korn Shell Programing
RS/6000 SP - Planning and Installation
RS/6000 SP - System Administration
RS/6000 SP - Problem Determination
HACMP - Planning and Installation
HACMP - System Administration
IBM WebServer
Domino on the RS/6000
Linux - System Administration

Teaching and Instruction:
Teaching Fundamentals
Course Development
Advanced Teaching Methods

Advanced Level Courses (IBM):
Situational Leadership - Kellogg Institute for Management
Decision Making in the Public Sector - American University
Presidents Class - Harvard Business School
Information Systems Management - Harvard Business School
Higher Education Institute - Virginia Technical Institute